Festive season is all about parties, new dresses, shopping for family and friends, playing exciting games. However, food is an integral part of human lives.

While planning and designing the mall, we made sure that people get varied choices for dining in our mall. WSM has a Food Lounge where people can relish Haldiram’s, Café Coffee Day and Pizza Hut outlets to satiate the taste buds of the potential shoppers.

Looking for a dining destination to fill your belly with tasty food? Come to World Square Mall. Enjoy delicious Indian dishes at Haldiram’s without burning a hole in your pocket. The customers are equipped with a menu to choose dishes. People relish the luxury of dining in comfort and style.

With festivals knocking at your door, you will surely like to enjoy offers on pizzas in Pizza Hut, one of the world’s top pizza brands. Or you can please your palate with the richness of marvelously brewed coffee and chocolate in Café Coffee Day.