Play Areas

World Square Mall is not only a shopping endpoint for mothers. We also have an indoor Play Area for toddlers and small children. This area is equipped with interesting play equipment where your children can engage themselves in several playful activities.

Our play zone is the relaxing zone for crying children that mothers have to bring along. For the convenience of the families with young children, we have built new entertainment areas for little stars. At WSM, your kids will surely not get bored while you are busy shopping. We have some of the most colourful, fun-filled and entertaining playing areas that are sure to remove your little ones' boredom.

Gift your child the happiness of chilling out with other kids of his/her age. The attendants take care of the playing kids' safety and make sure that they don't get hurt while playing.

Apart from kidss' play zone, this Mall has an exclusive zone of Cricket Net, Bawling Alley for youngster and adults . It has been one of the main attractions for the shoppers. This feature of entertainment Zone makes World Square Mall unique and different from other properties in this region.