Whether it is a metro city or a smaller town, multiplex is one of the main attraction for everyone. WSM has Carnival Cinemas, which is one of the largest multiplex chains in India. This movie theatre complex with multiple screens showing different shows at the same time. We have three (3) Audis having the capacity of 917 persons at a time. It is the most relaxing place for young as well as old people who need a break from their hectic schedule.

Each hall is spacious enough to accommodate thousands of people. The tickets are available at the ticket counter inside the mall.

Carnival Cinemas and 7D Movie Hall are a perfect destination for entertainment. You can even enjoy Pepsi and popcorn while watching the movie. The seats are comfortable and adjustable that ensures your comfort and convenience.

Rejuvenate yourself at weekends by watching newly released Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Movies can even be an excellent idea of a family get-together.